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The 2 Hour Solution

The 2 hour solution is our new product! Once you’ve been airbrushed, you need to leave the solution on at least 2 hours before you can shower. However, you will continue to darken for another 8-12 hours after that. The longer you leave the solution on, up to 4 hours, the darker the end result will be.

Body Bronzing Treatment Menu and Pricing

One Full Body Session = $45
Half Body (upper or lower) = $35
Face and Neck Only = $20
Face, Neck and Decolletage = $30

Body Bronzing Session Packages

All body bronzing packages are discounted from the regular full body session rate based on the number of sessions purchased.

3-4 Sessions = $126-$168 ($42 per session)
5-7 Sessions = $200-$280 ($40 per session)
8 Sessions = $280 ($35 per session)

Schedule your appointment today! Call (432) 853-1785