Get an airbrushed spray tan today!

For a natural golden glow....


To schedule your personalized airbrush treatment based on your skin type, call us at (432) 853-1785 (Odessa/Midland).

Get Ready

To prepare for your appointment, shower and exfoliate using a loofah or exfoliating cloth for optimal results. Choose the clothing you want to be tanned in, such as a bikini or underwear, to create the look you want.


You'll step into our portable tanning room and one of our certified airbrush technicians will use a handheld "ProGun" that attaches to our mobile HVLP machine. As a low-pressured mist is evenly applied, you will be dried at the same time. The whole process takes about 10 minutes....


...and you're done! You will have a beautiful, very natural, airbrushed tan that will last you 7-10 days.