Bronze Tan 2 Go offers airbrush tanning to individual clients, models and groups.

Our tanning solutions are designed to create the most natural-looking tan for all skin types, instantly. They are customized for three different skin types: Fair Skin, Medium Skin and Dark or Olive skin. All of our products are formulated with the highest quality of ingredients, moisturizing to the skin, fade evenly, last for 7-10 days and produce a golden glow.

Our products are recommended by top plastic surgeons, dermatologists, skin care professionals, make-up artists, celebrities and fitness models all across the country.

The 2 Hour Solution

The 2 hour solution is our new product! Once you’ve been airbrushed, you need to leave the solution on at least 2 hours before you can shower. However, you will continue to darken for another 8-12 hours after that. The longer you leave the solution on, up to 4 hours, the darker then end result will be.